Thinking Moves: Metacognition for Teachers

Our thinking ability is what makes us distinctively human.  Yet we have no generally accepted approach to teaching thinking – and no common vocabulary to describe different ways of thinking.  This, when you think about it, is extraordinary.  Imagine trying to teach or learn maths if we did not have commonly accepted terms such as add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Thinking Moves A – Z  provides a vocabulary for thinking.  The moves themselves are not new – we all use them in our learning and our life every day.  But now we have a way of talking about how we think, and that gives us a means to work on improving the effectiveness of our thinking. 

Thinking Moves A – Z is a structured approach to thinking about thinking – a framework for metacognition.

If you are interested in teaching Metacognition contact us HERE to book a FREE TASTER STAFF MEETING. To find out more, from the creators of the programme visit Dialogue Works

Research by the Education Endowment Foundation has shown that effective strategies for metacognition and self-regulation:

Have consistently high levels of impact.

Can be particularly effective for low achieving and disadvantaged pupils.

Are better when taught in collaborative groups so that learners can support each other and make their thinking explicit through discussion;

Require pupils to take greater responsibility for their learning;