The Reasonable Child – P4C and PSHE

The Reasonable Child - P4C and PSHE Permanent Education CIC

The Reasonable Child: Thinking Skills for your staff linked to your PSHE curriculum

The reason many educational professionals are in their job is to support and prepare children for adulthood.

This may be academically but, more often than not, it’s a holistic vocation. One which supports children socially, emotionally and mentally as well as providing that really core knowledge required to progress through the curriculum.

We all know how much easier it is to teach a child who is open to learning, sees mistakes as an opportunity and is able to problem solve and think creatively, a child who can use others to inform their own thinking, welcomes alternative view points and is able to adapt and develop their own understanding as their experience of a concept deepens.

The Reasonable Child focuses upon these skills. Using a cross curricular approach, with works in parallel with your schools PSHE curriculum allows adults who work with children the space and structure to develop this process thus allowing children to grow up to be reasonable individuals, reasonable learners, reasonable community members, reasonable employees or employers and, where applicable, reasonable parents. Providing children with the skills to reflect, think, appropriately challenge and calmly circumnavigate the modern world is one of the most important skills we can offer.

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