Our Training Offer

Every school we work with is different so every training package is different.

You might want to book a staff meeting or a five year platinum package.

Below is an list of the training we can deliver so lets talk about a combination that would work for you. Email us at enquiry@permanenteducation.org

1.Philosophy for Children Plus (P4C+) accredited by Dialogueworks

2. Philosophy for Children Level One accredited by Sapere

3. A-Z Thinking Moves Metacognition accredited by Dialogueworks

4. Reasonable Children accredited by Permanent Education

This course works with you to incorporate the brilliant tools of Philosophical teaching & learning as well as Reflective thinking into the Relationships strand of your statutory PSHE curriculum. We can train your teachers, run workshops for your pupils and help you re-write your curriculum.

5. Hearing all Voices accredited by Permanent Education

This course supports you in the development of excellent teaching and learning throughout your school by working with your staff team to challenge their assumptions about their pupils ability or barriers to learning. This then enables pupils to develop as a whole person – through their creativity, their ability to collaborate and to respect each other and perhaps most importantly to think for themselves at a greater depth which will enhance all aspects of their lives at school, at home and in their futures.

6. Philosophical Literacy accredited by Permanent Education

This training will work with you to incorporate a philosophical pedagogy throughout your curriculum or subject area. We can provide a focus for teachers and leaders from secondary and primary schools through the use of conceptual frameworks and enquiry discussion plans to build depth into subject teaching. As part of this training package we can also help you rewrite your curriculum to reflect your work in this area.

7. Thinking with nature accredited by Permanent Education

Thinking with nature is comprehensive whole school guidance on how to integrate food growing, wildlife planting and the values of permaculture into your curriculum. Delivered at your school or at a woodland site in Broadbottom, Tameside, Greater Manchester.

We also offer:

  • Practice Development Days which include Mentoring, Example lessons, Observations, Twilight training, Curriculum Development and Assessment Data Gathering.
  • Platinum Package – a flexible package which is designed specifically for each school over a number of years – we would recommend one Two Day course followed by tailored support days every half term to fully embed P4C into the school. This package is designed to enable schools to become completely self-sufficient in philosophy for children and philosophical teaching, ensuring that they are able to continue in their P4C journey regardless of staff changes, policy or curriculum changes. If you would like to speak to other Platinum schools before you commit – please let us know.

Thank you for a terrific course. Definitely opened up my thinking which I will take into my classroom.

Manchester Teacher, April 2019