P4C for schools

Thank you for a terrific P4C course. Definitely opened up my thinking which I will take into my classroom.

Manchester Teacher, April 2019

Every person and school we work with is different so every training package is different. You might want to book a place on a course, a short staff meeting, a one- day inset or a five year platinum package for your whole school.

*All our courses can be in person, online or a combination*

Tell us what you need by completing the form below or emailing paula@permanenteducation.org

P4C (Philosophy for Children) staff training (two day or one day and two twilights)

Metacognition staff training (one day)

Natural Thinking staff training (P4C – permaculture – outdoor learning)

4Cs Thinking: Critical, Creative, Collaborative and Caring staff training (4 hours)

Using concepts throughout the curriculum (1-2 hours)

Facilitation for teachers (1-2 hours)

Practice Development Days for your P4C Lead and staff (inc. mentoring, modelling, twilight)

Whole school transformation! A bespoke package of P4C training and support days to suit your time and budget