Our Day: Registration page for Schools. Permanent Education CIC

Thank you for joining the Our Day project funded by the Community Safety Team at Tameside MB Council and run by Permanent Education CIC. We are really looking forward to working with you.

Here is some information to help the day run smoothly. If you have any questions please contact Paula Moses at Permanent Education CIC on: paula@permanenteducation.org or call 07914 853919

What you need from us:

  1. We will bring all the equipment needed for the day.
  2. We will arrive at 8am ready for the day to start at 9am and will leave by 4pm. We will need vehicle access to the outside space to unload our equipment if possible.
  3. We will provide four workshops on a carousel basis for one group of Year 4 or Year 5 pupils (up to 30 pupils – unless otherwise agreed) who can be accompanied by one adult family member or carer. The workshops will combine creative arts, critical thinking and Bushcraft activities plus support to complete the Our Community Arts Award.
  4. We will ensure that all visiting staff on that day have the relevant DBS checks (we will provide you with DBS numbers) and are aligned to the project values.

What we need from you:


  1. Choose class to take part in OUR DAY and decide if you are going to allow the children to invite one adult each to take part in the day. (Letter template attached to email and timetable below)
  2. Complete the form below.
  3. Read/download the Permanent Education CIC policies below
  4. Download, complete and return the Arts Award spreadsheet to paula@permanenteducation.org before we come in to run the day at your school.

Information about the day

Our Policies

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