Natural Thinking – Critical and Creative thinking from the natural world

Do you struggle to fit the ‘outdoors’ into your curriculum?

This unique course, Natural Thinking, is perfect for all staff working with children who want to improve the connection between their pupils and our natural environment.

Natural Thinking CPD shows you how to make outdoor learning work for your school as an embedded part of your whole curriculum and ethos.

We use a skillful combination of the 4Cs thinking skills (creativity, criticality, care and collaboration) and permaculture principles to give teaching staff the confidence to blend enquiry with their existing teaching and curriculum – so they can take pupils to a higher level of thinking in all their subjects and attitudes.

Course Outline – Two day course (or one day and two twilights)

Day One – inspiration

  • What is Outdoor Learning, Sustainability, Eco learning? Why bother and what is right for my school?
  • What is 4Cs thinking?
  • What are the principles of Permaculture?
  • What is Natural Thinking and how to get started in your classroom, school and community. 

 Day Two – application

  • Application of Natural Thinking throughout the curriculum – practical activities and training in how to facilitate natural thinking. 
  • Planning, assessment and curriculum building. (Everyone will leave with an action plan they have developed for their school).
  • Certificate for the School and course participants
  • Signposting – what is available in your local area, online and beyond. How to choose what direction to take?

Day Three (optional extra)– in action

We work with you at your school – with staff and pupils – to kick start your work – or support you when you get stuck. We can help with outdoor projects as well as support with planning, teaching,& learning and assessment.


  • Two days CPD for up to 30 staff delivered by two experienced trainers
  • Follow up support for all participating schools by email
  • ‘Ready to go’ Planning and activity templates for all participants 
  • Comprehensive signposting information for all participants (including the sharing of any information provided by the TMBC Outdoor/Culture Team)
  • Certification for completion of full two day training


Contact: Paula Moses 07914 853919 

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