P4C Plus is fun – students and teachers love it – now available online – the perfect CPD for the new normal! #dialoguewks #p4c

I am really pleased to now be able to offer P4C Plus online for all schools thinking about how to equip their teachers for the new normal…P4C Plus is an approach to teaching and learning based on philosophical inquiry.  It shows teachers how to teach through dialogue, facilitate student-led inquiries and get to know the students better.

P4C Plus shows students how to think independently,  reason effectively, communicate persuasively and explore their values.  The students have a safe space to discuss views on a wide range of topics.


Soulful Soil.

An inspiring day learning about soil and composting. Delivered by Teresa from The Northern School of Permaculture. Hosted by Permanent Education. More courses coming soon so there is still time to book…lunch is included!

Using P4C to think about Our Community. @Sapere_p4c @tmbc_culture @ArtsAward

I have just started a project to roll out an Arts Award called Our Community designed by Tameside Council TMBC and the Arts Council of England to enable children to think more deeply about their community, learn about local artists and use their own art skills to express their observations of and visions for their communities.

As a Philosophy for Children trainer it was natural for me to use P4C/ Philosophical enquiry to facilitate this work. First group started last night.

Once again the children proved that they are much more capable of philosophical enquiry that we often give them credit for.

Questions raised by 6 and 7 year olds last night…What about homeless people? are they looking for a community? Is it a ‘blank community’ because they don’t know who is it in it yet? Are we in a community with people we don’t know? Do we need people to make a community?