Feedback is a gift! (especially the good kind)

We can deliver any of our courses online as well as in person. Here is some lovely feedback from our most recent Online Philosophy for Children Course: If you would like to run a course for your staff or a group teachers from different schools (which is easier online) please get in touch

Thank you for the insightful sessions, all of the sessions have been beneficial, we are already making plans for September at ALC which is very exciting! Take care and have a lovely summer!

Really interesting with plenty of opportunities to discuss with yourself and the group xx

Thank you very very much Paula. A very useful and interesting course! Enjoy your Summer! xx

Thank you for everything, it’s been really interesting, I’m excited to try and use what I’ve learnt in my lessons. Thanks again!

Excellent course with lots of great ideas and opportunities to discuss philosophy and examples of how to do this with children, which has been very helpful. Use of Breakout Rooms was really well done and made me feel more confident to participate. Thank you!

Very enjoyable, interesting and informative! Looking forward to putting the ideas to work! Thank you!

Thank you very much for a really informative couple of sessions.

A really helpful session with plenty of practical strategies and examples. I have looked forward to logging on every week! Thank you 🙂

A selection of feedback from a group of primary and secondary teachers in Wales, June 2021

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