You’ve had the training – what next!

We all know that feeling – you’ve had some training – you’ve loved it – you believe in it – but Monday morning in your classroom – where to start?!

Practice Development Days are a vital part of what we do at Permanent Education. When we train a school we can also add on Practice Development Days, later in the school year, to help you embed philosophical teaching and learning into every aspect of your school life – or just to reassure you that you are on the right track! Here are some examples of the support we can offer:

  • Helping the P4C Lead with writing and implementing their action plan
  • Helping with how to incorporate 4Cs thinking (Caring, Creative, Collaborative and Critical) through out the curriculum, school ethos and policies.
  • Supporting the P4C Lead with observations and feedback to staff.
  • Helping the P4C Lead to plan and deliver top up staff meetings.
  • General moral support!

I feel motivated, supported and that I’ve had a really positive use of time. I now know how to move P4C forward in schools and I’m clear how to embed it within school. Thank you!

P4C Leader in Nottingham – after a support day with Rebecca, July 2021

Whether you have completed your P4C training last week or years ago you can book a support day with us by contacting us here

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