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Anyone for Cakersize?

I had never heard of this before until tonight when running one of our Arts Award sessions with young people in Tameside to talk about ‘Our Community’ and one of the girls mentioned that a Cakersize club was part of her community…

These are great sessions and always remind me of how wise and aware our young people are. In these sessions we talk about what community means to us and how we can express what we think through talking and art. Here are some of the wonderful thoughts of tonight’s Scouts Group.

If you have a group of young people (under 12 yrs old) in Tameside who love talking and love art then let us know – we would be happy to run this Arts Award for you – FREE OF CHARGE and ONLINE (two one hour sessions with a bit of homework in between) PLUS – all of the participants who finish their booklets will receive a Discover Arts Award from the Arts Council of England.

Contact us at

PS: I am still not sure if Cakersize is a thing..?

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